Marretti Stairs

Marretti Srl

Marretti Florence springs from the Marretti family’s passion and experience in the design and creation of staircases.

Stairs and banisters are characterised by essential, young, and innovative aesthetics that give a new lease of life to Marretti’s values and style.

Skill and substance are the cornerstones of this line that epitomises the patented technology, the materials selected, and the sixth sense for space which for over 40 years have made Marretti stairs synonymous with Italian elegance worldwide.

It only takes one step to enter the world of Marretti.

Marretti’s know-how permeates every Marretti Florence model.

Each staircase is different, every project tailor-made, all the components are cared for in painstaking detail.

Quality at Marretti is a forma mentis that represents part of the production process just like its customer satisfaction.

With Marretti Florence, the company has challenged current trends and managed to creatively combine beauty with practicality.

Marretti has once again found new pathways for complying with the identity requirements of each different space.

The search for simple solutions is a complicated business and today Marretti Florence intertwines the most modern industrial systems with the uniqueness of its own skilled craftsmanship.

Now excellence is just a step away.